What do I want to say?

I’ve been thinking a lot of what it means to take photos and what kind of photos I take. Shooting fashion and models, often, obviously makes me question what I’m trying to say and how I am saying it. I would like to say, firstly, that beauty is not defined. It is never one thing. One look. One standard. Beauty is in everything and everyone. When I shoot, I shoot from the heart, from a deep well of emotion and feeling. It has less to do with aesthetic and more to do with how it makes me feel and how I hope to share that feeling. It’s also a conversation between myself and my subject or a conversation between me and the world. I want to hear what you have to say when you’re in front of my lens and what we have to say to each other. Like all art forms its about tapping into something bigger, this place above me. I can sense it but its hard to describe. This place where prayers and truth and all the good things live.